Good influence is our driver across the different fields we work in, in terms of both strategy and implementation. The watchword is doing good in every sense of the term. 12-image retrospective of what we’ve being working on in recent months.

1/ Blogger Bliss Cocotte is one of the mums Look Further has involved in our project with Eco-systèmes: the eco-friendly organisation that manages electric and electronic waste recycling. Although these “influencers” have different levels of influence, all are enthusiastic about the idea of using their impact to help a societal cause. Their mission: to raise awareness of recycling and promote Eco-systèmes solutions by using them in their everyday family lives. Case study. Photo credit : Blisscocotte

2/ Freedom is at the heart of the positioning designed for Ector, a railway station and airport valet service that we have supported in asserting its brand language. If you need to make life easier when going on holiday or travelling on business, think of Ector. You’ll be well looked after! . Photo credit : @Piergab

3/ With this image of a bearded hipster (that we didn’t actually use in the end), we agreed the key elements of easiware's new brand territory with its leadership team. This personalised client relations platform offers brands all-in-one solutions to boost brand love, lending them wings. Learn more about easiware’s rebranding.

4/ Last April, easiware announced that it had acquired Dictanova, a Nantes-based start-up specialising in machine learning and semantic analysis. Alongside their teams, we designed educational communications that contextualised the acquisition in relation to the brands’ strategy of moving away from underused big data and towards useful smart data which is a source of ROI. See full infographic

5/ Bien Elevées is one of the most inspiring urban agriculture projects in the French capital. Four sisters grow saffron and offer unique experiences on Paris rooftops, including that of the Arab World Institute. If you want to try some incredible saffron, go to the best Paris Monoprix stores. The product packaging and branding for this wonderful project have also all been done by Look Further. Case study.

6/ This dad who is so comfortable on wheels is skateboarding pro is Lucas Puig. He is one of our inspiring personalities including actors, musicians, photographers, entrepreneurs, Michelin-starred chefs and others... Look Further is aiming to take Stokke's reach off the beaten track of parenthood and family digital influencers, introducing it to those who will one day become parents. Stokke case study. Photo credit : Lucas Puig

7/ In 2019, Look Further came up with “Tous à table”, a fun, educational and delicious day focusing on the benefits of the iconic Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair: sharing a family meal to give little one their place and foster parent-child connection. We involved the La Grande Epicerie deli and children’s fashion and lifestyle publication MilK Magazine in this specific brand experience: both are premium brands and in tune with the world of Stokke. See the photo report of the event. Illustration credit : Tiffany Cooper

8/ Shh, this is Edan, Julia Flabat & Eddy Papeoo’s baby. This in-demand celebrity couple have 680k followers and an IG engagement rate > 3%. Involving these major influencers in their role as parents means guaranteed impact, while they skilfully extend their scope. Little Marlon, son of French fashion blogger Caroline Receveur (3.3m followers), is also lucky enough to sleep in a Stokke Sleepi bed... Photo credit : Julia Flabat

9/ This is Stokke Beat: the new urban stroller in town. For its launch, Look Further invited friends, media partners and influencers to the #StokkeSummerParty @ The Bureau in Paris’s Golden Triangle district. To demonstrate just how manoeuvrable it is, a dancer on rollerskates performed a highly Instagrammable routine to the sound of “And the Beat Goes On”. See the photo report of the event. Photo credit : Valerio Geraci

10/ The goal here was an image that makes your hair stand on end ;)! The editorial and profile-boosting strategy involving a selection of influencers and hybrid media implemented by Look Further for Sequoia was designed to entice the next generation to use an (eco-friendly) dry-cleaner’s by offering expert advice on caring for clothes, from the everyday to the most refined such as wedding dresses: the ultimate proof of expertise. Photo credit : Un Beau Jour

11/ Those who are obsessive about the perfect cut and beautiful fabrics will want to know that for a few weeks we have been preparing for the renaissance of a brand created in 1938 with unique know-how but that people currently don’t know anything about: Liste Rouge. Expertise, bespoke suits and shirts at unbeatable value for money for the luxury segment. See you in September to learn more about this gem of French craftsmanship. Photo credit : Jean-Yves Le Squéren Caulfield

12/ To make room for iconic cuddly toy brand Steiff in the hearts of new families, Look Further arranged ultra-personalised collaborations celebrating a milestone event, like meeting elephants on a first big trip or a new little sister joining a large blended family. At times like these, children need comforting cuddles. Case study. Photo credit : Milk & Mojito