Good influence


Brands have the responsibility and power to positively influence the world; this is also in their interest. Our mission is to help organisations that have a sense of or share this belief to decide what their specific good influence will be and unleash it on the world.


We use our freedom and skills to help companies who create engaging products and services to build a better world. We come up with solutions that bring out the intelligence and creativity of brands and their audiences.


We work with clients to design and implement relevant strategies that connect their brands with new behaviours. We leverage our proven expertise and valuable experience, always maintaining our exacting and independent approach.


Enjoying working together is essential. Both in-house and with our partners, we build lasting empathic relationships based on personal engagement, a sense of closeness and sincerity. We are sounding boards as well as brand ambassadors.

An experienced and committed team

Brands are more than just a logo or a nice story. They are strategic assets: both a management tool and a lasting impression left on people. We help leaders build brands that are engaged, real and full of life.

Led by Elisabeth and Monica on consultancy and Creative Director Fred, Look Further was created in 2015 and has a team of fifteen in-house and external experts who bring meaning, a sense of coherence and drive to the brands they believe in.