Raising young families’ awareness about recycling

Eco-systèmes is a French eco-friendly non-profit organisation that coordinates the collection, clean-up and recycling of electric and electronic waste: appliances that owners say no longer work.

Having operated for 10 years and run various awareness-raising campaigns in the mass media, it was time to more precisely identify audiences who would be likely to want their goods collected and understand what messages and means would work best to target them more specifically and successfully.


• Audited organisation’s digital ecosystem,

• Identified targets (personas) with collection potential and how they use social media,

• Decided social media strategy to achieve communications objectives (editorial strategy for each network),

• Social network guidance implemented for FB and IG,

• Planned and launched a bespoke influence plan for a key high-collection-potential target: new families.
Photos credits : @Blisscocotte, @AmandineLW, @Loismoreno