It’s amazing how the meaning of a word can change in just a few years. Up to the start of the 21st century, the word “influence” brought to mind the secret world of lobbyists. A few years on, an entirely different world seems to have appropriated the term: that of bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers... We are now seeing “influencer marketing” and “influencer relations” being questioned and vilified — sometimes fairly and sometimes unfairly — so believe more than ever that being a good influence is at the heart of what we do.

1/ Because for Look Further, good influence is primarily strategic work on meaning. What vision and mission drive my brand; why is my company making this acquisition or raising those funds; what is the aim of this new innovation or that internal project? Before you can have a hand in the course of events, guide behaviour, or engage audiences (all characteristics of influencing), you must first be clear about the “why”. And share it.

2/ Because we simply see influencing as a way to move towards better things: towards a world that is more respectful of consumers, of humanity and of the planet. It's true that there is plenty of debate about what exactly these “better things” are. But we feel it’s important to have this debate and for brands to position themselves clearly. Brands need to know how to contextualise what they are offering in relation to the issues being faced by society.

3/ Because good influence isn't about a few one-off activities or a superficial one-shot approach with a few opportunist influencer partnerships or charitable initiatives. It’s work that should engage a brand to its very core; organised long-term work that’s part of a structured and consistent approach that aims to have real impact: a good impact and a measurable impact.

Brands have the responsibility and power to positively influence behaviour and the world itself; this is also in their interest. Our mission is to help organisations that share this belief decide what their specific good influence will be ⁠— in light of their individual strengths and ways of doing things ⁠— and unleash it on the world.