Solutions to grow brand love

Over 400 clients among the most engaging brands, client relations with a human touch and cutting-edge technology with machine learning. However, also a player insufficiently well-known in its market whose image was no longer reflecting the reality.
This was the situation easiware found itself in when we started working with this client relations management platform on its rebrand in 2018.

In close collaboration with Look Further., easiware now has a brand, marketing and communications with a strong identity. The guiding principle is simple: we are a personalised client relations platform that partners with love brands to make their customers appreciate them even more. Solutions to grow brand love.


• Brand audit
• Deciphering market, clients and competition
• Brand positioning
• Brand identity
• Logos, tagline and visuals
• Rebranding coordination
• Marketing/communications strategy
• Editorial planning
• Media planning
• Website
• Brand film
• Launch campaigns
• Acquisition communications
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