L'Oréal Group


Implementing L'Oréal CSR vision « Sharing Beauty With All »

A few years ago, L’Oréal Group started its CSR revolution with the Sharing Beauty With All project: a huge transformation for sustainable growth.

As well as its powerful brands and ability to innovate, one of L'Oréal Group’s major strengths is the intensity and quality of its business partnerships. For the Active Cosmetics Division, part of building close relationships with pharmacy networks involves being proactive and supporting client development in all key areas, such as Corporate Social Responsibility.

Look Further had the opportunity to support Division teams to better understand the context, stakes and expectations of pharmacists around sustainable development to lay the foundations for structured and constructive collaboration in this area.


•International qualitative study of perceptions and expectations of pharmacists regarding sustainable development (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil),
•Decisions made about project positioning and key messages, implementation methods and how to rally pharmacist audiences.