Crocis (CCIP Paris Ile-de-France


Making a CCI Île-de-France gem shine

The Paris Île-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce (CCI) wanted to make its gem of a CROCIS economic observatory more attractive and raise its profile to:

• Improve its publications’ reach and influence,

• Highlight its raison d’être, quality expertise, legitimacy and added value,

• Assert itself as a key contact for any economic issues or analysis in Île-de-France to enhance its status.

Look Further activities:

1) Understand the existing situation,

2) Set out options and their implications,

3) Specify the resources needed for the chosen option.


• Online survey of CROCIS newsletter subscribers,

• Qualitative interviews with several persona types,

• Analysis of profile and performance online in comparison with 11 counterparts,

• Scenarios: identified scenarios,

• Recommended actions and organisation.