Sequoia Pressing


Reintroducing ecological dry cleaning into the lives of city dwellers

Sequoia Pressing has more than 60 outlets united under a single goal: to help customers (re)discover and appreciate the art of cleaning and textile care using eco-friendly techniques and products. The challenge: to win back customers previously disappointed with dry cleaning services and attract those not yet convinced that this type of service is for them.
• Highlight the added value to be gained from new generation dry cleaning services: the ecological aspect, quality of the cleaning/expertise, customer service, the broad range of services beyond simply clothing and accessibility/competitive pricing, unlike the old generation dry cleaners in which people have lost all interest and trust,
• Become part of modern, everyday life: customer-driven and customer-focused vs company-focused, in a genuine and dynamic way,
• Develop long-term brand visibility (notoriety and brand awareness).


• Media planning
• Influencer relations
• Performance measurement